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Budobas International is a non-political organisation. Its objects, among others, is to spread the practice and enjoyment of karate-do through national and international. Regardless of styles by means of seminars, training camps, and competitions.
  Help the karatekas to enjoy a quality of international standard, through the practice of karate-do (Regardless of styles).
  Improve the karate-do standards in national level with effective coaching and support world Karate Federation, Asian Karatedo Federation and National Federation.
  International Laval Award a respected Dan grades, Refereeing qualifications, and Coaching certificates.
The title of the organisation shall be Budobas International Karate-Do Academy, hereinafter known as “BUDOBAS INTERNTIONAL”.
If you've ever considered joining a martial arts school, now is the best time to enroll!
Submit your application to BUDOBAS INTERNTIONAL Everything that you do in your life becomes easier because of BUDOBAS INTERNTIONAL. Soon, you'll notice an improvement in your physical fitness: karate-do training are the best way to looking great and feeling great. If you are persistent, you will develop an amazing body, improve your energy level, attain a positive attitude and minimize your risk of injury in other activities.
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